Volume & Issue: Volume 12, Issue 5 - Serial Number 86, July and August 2013 
An in vitro study of resistance to vertical fracture in restored teeth of four types of post and core systems

Pages 531-540

AsadAlah Ahmadzadeh; Najmeh Mousavi; Farnoush gol Mohamadi; Ammar Neshati; Fatemeh Dabaghi; Atabak Askari

Comparison between the growth indices among Low Birth and Normal Birth Weight Infants during the First 6 Months of Life in Ahvaz, 2009

Pages 519-530

Mohammad Reza Aramesh; Seyed Mehdi Monajjemzadeh; Masoud Dehdashtian; Arash Malekian; Zivar Shojaee3

Nano-liposomes as new Drug Delivery Carriers

Pages 467-483

Eskandar Moghimipour; Maryam Kouchak; Reza Bahmandar

Chondrosarcoma of the Maxilla: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Pages 621-627

Mahmoud Jahangirnezhad; Saedeh Atarbashi Moghadam; Fazeleh Atarbashi Moghadam; Shabnam Amirpour; Fateme Mohammadi

Evaluation of the Mutagenic Effect of Methanol Extract of Adiantum capillus-veneris Plant by Ames test

Pages 547-557

Farzaneh Kianipour; Amir Jalali; Meisam Mousavi; Amir Siahpoosh; Ahmad Farajzadeh Sheikh

Analysis of the Accuracy of Linear Measurements on CBCT in Comparison with the Anatomic Measurements Obtained from Dry Human Skull

Pages 497-507

Sanaz Sharifi; Seyed Arman Mohagheghi; Iman Ghasemi; Mohammad Amin Kavoosi; Afagh Mohagheghi; Arman Feyz; Vida Masserat

Prevalence of Cardiovascular Risk factors in Diabetic Patients Attending to Ahvaz Golestan Hospital

Pages 485-496

Mehrnoosh Zakerkish; Najmeh Rahimi; Hamid Marefati; Zahra Kovsarian