Peer Review Process

After submitting the article to the system with author, the paper will be reviewed by the journal's experts for the first time (up to a week). (Please read the “guide for authors” section carefully before submitting the article to speed up the process of submitting the essay, and submit your article. If the article accepted in the first stage, the article will be initially evaluated by the editor in terms of the content quality and relevance of the topic. This step will usually take a week.

Upon acceptance in the second stage, the paper will be sent to three reviewers. The process of reviewing articles is as follows:

If the article requires editing, the article will come back to the author for review.

After the author has corrected and submitted the article based on the reviewer's opinion, the article will be submitted to one of the reviewers for comparative evaluation.

Each week an email will be sent to the reviewer, and if the article is not reviewed after one month, the article will be returned to the reviewer and given to the new reviewer. Depending on the amount of refinements requested, the reviewers 'points, speed and accuracy of the authors' revision, it will take approximately 6 months (if final reviewer approval) to be accepted.