Volume & Issue: Volume 13, Issue 2 - Serial Number 89, July and August 2014 
A 5-year Evaluation of Clinical Findings and Predisposing Factors in Invasive Fungal Sinusitis in Ahvaz

Pages 129-134

Soheila Nikakhlagh; Nader Saki; Abdullah Rafiee; Morteza Mohammadi; Maryam Shahrokhi

Isolation and Characterization of Mesenchymal Stem Cells from Human Umbilical Cord Wharton’s Jelly

Pages 135-145

Mahmoud Hashemitabar; Elham Allahbakhshi; Darioush Bijan Nezhad; Fereshteh Nezhad Dehbashi; Saeed Azandeh

Clinical Comparison of the accuracy of root canal length determination in permanent teeth by means of Root ZX electronic apex locator, tactile perception and conventional radiography

Pages 181-190

Mohammad Yazdizadeh; Ali Habibi Kia; Seyed Arman Mohagheghi; Abbas Basir; Samareh Abbasi; Naghmeh Nirooomand; Sadegh Aghajeri; Maryam shamsaei

Dosimetric Parameters Estimation for I-125 (Model 6711) Brachytherapy Source

Pages 202-211

Mansour Zabihzadeh; Hadi Rezaee; Mostafa Feghhi; Seyed Mohammad Hosseini; Foad Goli Ahmadabadi

Effect Evaluation of Intraperitoneal Injection of Bupivacaine on Postoperative Pain in Laparascopic Cholecyctectomy

Pages 233-240

Nozar Nassajian; Zahra Pourmehdi; Banafsheh Valiyan Borujeni; Amir Salari; Mehdi Asgari; Zeinab Alizadeh; Leila Azinfar

Biomedical Applications of Chitosan with Emphasis on Dermal/ Transdermal Drug Delivery

Pages 242-256

Maryam Kouchak; Eskandar Moghimipour; Naghmeh Kouchakzadeh