Volume & Issue: Volume 13, Issue 6 - Serial Number 93, November and December 2017 
Evaluation of Inactivation of Intracanal Antiseptics by Dentin; in Vitro Study

Pages 635-649

Mohammad Yazdizadeh; Somayeh Ghamari; MiladAli Kazemi; Sahar Jalali

Comparison between Solar Radiation and Mother Chlorine for Water Disinfection and E. Coli

Pages 651-664

Hatam Godini; Narges Behdarvand; Ghodratollah Shams Khoramabadi

Comparison of Productivity between University and Non-University Hospitals in Ahvaz: Using MALEMQUIST`S Index and DEA

Pages 689-698

Shahrukh Raiisian; Maryam Eslamyan; Farhad Lotfii; Hassan Yusef-Zadeh; Rohollah Kalhor; Nariman Moradi

The Effect of Resistance Training on Anthropometric Characteristics and Lipid Profile in Men with Type 2 Diabetes Referred to Golestan Hospital

Pages 709-720

Akbar Ghalavand; Saied Shakerian; Mehrnoosh Zakerkish3; Hajieh Shahbazian; Akram Monazam Nejad

The Effect of Ramadan Fasting on Controlling the Lipid, Glucose and Hypoglycemia in the Diabetic Patients under Treatment with Metformin

Pages 721-729

Mehrnoosh Zakerkish; Hajieh Shahbazian; Majid Karandish; Homira Rashidi; Seyed Peyman Payami