Volume & Issue: Volume 11, Issue 2 - Serial Number 77, July and August 2017, Pages 113-228 
Analyzing the Effect of Bandage and Bracing on Stability Indices of Single Leg Stance in Patients with Ankle Sprain

Pages 123-133

Amin Behdarvandan; Mouhamad Jafar Shaterzadeh Yazdi; Shahin Goharpey; Reza Salehi

The Effect of Posture Training Support Orthosis on Static Balance in Elderly Patients with Spinal Hyperkyphosis

Pages 135-146

Fatemeh Azadinia; Mojtaba Kamyab; Hamid Behtash; Reza Vaheb Kashani; Masoud Ramin Mirzazadeh Javaheri

Is the Prevalence of Focal and Segmental Glomerulosclerosis Increasing in the Province of Khuzestan?

Pages 157-162

Seyed Seifollah Beladi Mousavi; Fatemeh Hayati; Heshmatollah Shahbazian

Evaluation of the Relationship between Social Support and Depression in the Patients with Breast Cancer in Ahvaz Educational Hospitals

Pages 223-228

Ahmad Fakhri; Sirous Pakseresht; Mohammad Reza Haghdoost; Abdolhassan Talaiezadeh; Diana Rashidizad

Effect of Self-Care Program on the Quality of Life in Sickle Cell Anemia

Pages 201-211

Gholam Reza Mahmodi; Sadigeh Fayazi; Simin Jahani; Bizhan Kaykhaei; Seyed Mahmod Latifi

Comparing the Effect of a One-Session Average-Intensity Resistance Training on the Growth Hormone Secretion in Active and Inactive Women

Pages 147-156

Seyedeh Zoleikha Hashemi Chashmi; Norolah Geravand; Khosro Jalali Dehkordi; Ali Asghar Ravasi; Mehran Sardari

Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome and its Predicting Factors in Type 2 Diabetic Patients in Ahvaz

Pages 163-175

Homeira Rashidi; Farshid Fardad; Bahman Ghaderian; Hajieh BiBi Shahbazian; Mahmoud Latifi; Majid Karandish; Mayam Arghideh

Prevalence of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus in Pregnant Women Referring to Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinics

Pages 113-121

Hajieh BiBi Shahbazian; Nahid Shahbazian; Mehdi Yarahmadi; Saied Saiedi