Determine of Association Quality of Life and Stress Coping Method Among the Caregiver of Patient with Multiple Sclerosis; MS Society, Ahvaz 2008

Document Type : Original Article


1 Department of Nursing.

2 Department of Nursing, Islamic Azad University Tehran Medical Science Branch Nursing and Midwifery Faculty

3 Department of Nursing and Midwifery Faculty, Islamic Azad University Tehran Medical Science Branch

4 Department of Staff Hospital Golestan, Ahvaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences


Background and Objective: Multiple sclerosis is a chronic disease that involves central nervous system. This disease which causes incapability in adult happens after traumatic accidents. 7000 cases are added annually to MS patient in Iran. This study was conducted to determine the quality of life and stress coping method among the family member and multiple sclerosis caregivers.
Subjects and Methods: 200 cases of family members and caregivers of patient with MS and dependent to Ahvaz MS society enrolled in this descriptive study. Three inanimate questionnaires were used to evaluate the cases.
Results: 108 male and 90 eligible female enrolled in this study. The quality of their life was normal physically, psychologically and socioeconomically. Generally, the quality of the males’ life was better than the females’, especially psychologically. Majority of male and female used normal and good coping method, and we also found a direct and statistically significant correlation between the level of education and the quality of life among the caregivers.
Conclusion: Higher level of quality of life among the caregiver with higher level of education and use of suitable stress coping method among them, revealed the necessity of socio-economical supports and contour programs for educating family members and caregiver of patient with multiple sclerosis, especially for caregiver with lower level of knowledge and education.
Sci Med J 2011;10(5):563-72


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