Identification of attitude in aged in compare with middle aged persons in the matter of speech communication

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1 speech therapy, isfahan university of medical sciences, isfahan, iran

2 doctoral student


Background and Aim: Geriatric period has such particular conditions that the aged feel the need of helpful and dynamic communication more than any other time. In this research, we are going to measure the aged people attitude toward their speech communication in comparison with middle-aged people.
Methods and Materials: In this descriptive-analytic study, one hundred staffs of Isfahan education department are compared with one hundred staffs working in Isfahan education department. In this study data was collected by the adjustment and attitude scale (AAS) and results were analyzed by SPSS16 and through chi-square and T- test.
Results: This survey revealed that Attitude toward ability to communication in experimental group was 35% (generally). It was reported 84% in male group and 26/5% in females based on gender and based on marriage, in single group are 50% and 34/8% in marrieds. In the control group attitudes are 37/2% in males and 33/3% in females, 44/4% in single group and 35/2% among the marrieds.
Conclusion: There is no significant difference between attitudes toward the ability to speech communication in elderly compared with middle-aged people, but in the attitude of two groups by sex, male subjects with p = 0.003 and marital status, married people with p = 0.04, there is a significant relationship with the ability to communicate..


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