Survey of research barriers from viewpoint of faculty members of medical universities of Iran: A systematic review

Document Type : Review


1 , Ahvaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences

2 Dezful university of medical sciences


Background & Objectives: Research in one of the basic foundations in the society’s development, so that there is not possible any scientific movement without researches fund. On the other hand, universities are the most important place of science production and therefore organizing to academic researches is one of the effective factors in society’s progress. The aim of this study is the survey of research barriers from viewpoint of faculty members of medical universities of Iran.
Methods: In the first all related published papered were search without any time limitation by searching Magiran، Noormags، Barakat Knowlegde Network System, Civilica, SID, ISI Web Of Science, PubMed, Scopus, Science Direct databases and Google scholar and Elmnet search engines with standards keywords. Overall, 110 documents were retrieval by deleting 100 unrelated duplicated and unusable documents, 10 documents with quality control were inside in this study.
Result: In this study 9 subject categories of research barriers were extracted that educational barriers were the highest barriers and facilities barriers were the lowest barriers. Other barriers in order of importance are financial, cultural-society, individual, management, organizational, professional, strategic-policy making.
Conclusion: A lot of reported barriers involve the function of Pre-university and university educational system. Preparing people in the Pre-university educational system, scientific and cultural training for doing research and adopting the necessary strategies in the university educational system seems essential. It is also necessary to modify commonly used strategies and rules in the field of research to facilitate the research and material and spiritual leisure of researchers.


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