Evaluating of the Role of 5HT3 Serotonergic Receptors in Hippocampal CA1 area on Pain, Memory and Motor Activity after 6 hours of REM and Total Sleep Deprivation

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Background and Objectives: Sleep is a reversible state in which the capacity for reaction and interaction with the environment is limited and consciousness is lost. 5HT3 receptors are mainly expressed in hippocampus CA1 regions, plays a vital role in sleep regulation and memory consolidation. The present study aims to investigate the effects of activation and inactivation of serotonin 5HT3 receptor by use of 5HT3 agonist and antagonist (MCHL and Y25130) respectively on acquired memory impairment induced by total sleep deprivation and REM sleep deprivation in rat,
Subjects and Methods: Male Wistar rats were randomly assigned to five groups including eight rats: 1- Two groups receiving effective doses of 5HT3 receptor antagonist (MCHL) and agonist (Y25130); 2- TSD control group 3- With TSD sleep deprivation 4- RSD control groups 5- with RSD sleep deprivation. Water box apparatus was used to induce total sleep deprivation, multi-platform apparatus was applied to induce RSD. Passive avoidance memory test was used to evaluate memory consolidation.
Results: Doses of 0.01 and 0.001 mg MCHL and 0.1 mg Y25130 significantly reduced the acquired memory (P <0.01). While MCHL at 0.1 and Y25130 at doses of 0.01 and 0.1 significantly increased motor activities (P <0.01). However, both drugs did not significantly affect the pain at all tested doses. TSD and RSD- induced amnesia was improved significantly (P <0.01) by Y25130 with sub- threshold dose. While both drugs had no significant effect on motor activity in TSD and RSD conditions (P> 0.05). But, MCHL under RSD conditions and Y25130 under TSD conditions significantly (P Conclusion: It seems that CA1 5HT3 receptor plays a critical role in cognitive and non-cognitive behaviors


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