Correlation of Practitioners,s Criminal Responsibility in Islamic Penal Code Act 2013 with Islamic Penal Code 1991

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1 M.Sc. of Criminal Law and Crimology. of Khouzestan Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Ahwaz , Iran.

2 Department of Forensic Medicine, Ahwaz University of Medical Sciences, Ahwaz , Iran.

3 Department of Law of Khouzestan Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Ahwaz, Iran


physician  in order  to  carry out  their professional  duties  may  be committed  by  an   act  or omission  in  contrary   to  the dignity  and  violation  of  individuals  and  disruptive in social  order. The  legislature  considers  these  action  as  a  crime  and  must  be  punished.
Doctors  criminal  responsibility  in the Islamic criminal  law  act of 1370 follows  statemen’s  from Shiite religious  groups,  as  pare  and  without  fault  of  the  Doctor, s  responsibility.
Fortunately, the  new  Islamic criminal law act of 1392/2/1  penal  code  has not  been  run  yet, previous  regulations  has  been modified  and fault  based  on  physician responsibility has  adopted. So  in order for a relives himself doctor relief  from  responsibility, should  be  proved  his/her  own  innocence  by  former  way (cutting  the  causation  relations)


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