Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Education on Awareness of Hygiene Teachers in Primary Schools of Ahvaz on Preventive Orthodontics in Educational Year 2005-2006

Document Type : Original Article


1 Assistant Professor of Pediatric Dentistry.

2 Department of Dentistry, Dental school, Ahwaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences, Ahvaz – Iran


Background and Objective: The children spend a long time of their levels at school during which they have a close contact with their hygiene teachers, who play an important and a key role in prevention of various diseases. The aim of this interventional research was to evaluation of the effectiveness of education on awareness of hygiene teachers in primary schools of Ahvaz on role of preventive orthodontics.
Subjects and Methods: Sixty eight of hygiene teachers of primary schools of Ahvaz were participated. Before the beginning of the teaching program, they were pre-tested with a questionnaire. After that, hygiene teachers underwent an educational training comprising an educating film and supplementary explanations. A copy of the film and a pamphlet about oral hygiene and preventive orthodontics were given. After three weeks the subjects were re-tested with the same questionnaire once more.         
Results: This educational package caused an increase of awareness of hygiene teachers about oral hygiene and preventive orthodontics. (P< 0/001). The level of education and the duration of service of hygiene teachers had no effect on level of awareness before and after training. (P>0/05).
Conclusion: Training about the importance of oral hygiene instruction and preventive orthodontics can increase awareness of hygiene teachers to these problems in students.


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