The Effect of Six Weeks HIIT Training with L-carnitine Supplementation on Lipid Profile among Overweight Men


Ms.C of Physical Education and Sport Sciences.Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Faculty of Physical Education, Urmia University of Technology, Urmia, Urmia, Iran.


Background and Objective: Hyperlipidemia is associated with increased incidence of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular events in adulthood. L-carnitine is an amino acid with an essential role in fat catabolism.The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of six weeks of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with L-carnitine supplementation on the lipid profile in overweight men.
Subjects and Methods: The study included overweight men living in Urmia from whom 32 people of them were selected and divided into two groups of supplement-training and placebo-training (n= 16). Then for 6 weeks, weekly 4 high intensity interval training sessions were conducted using the ergometer. The supplement group consumed 10mg/Kg liquid L-carnitine, half an hour before the start of the exercise. Blood-sampling wastaken 48 h before and after each training session. The independent t-test was used for analyzing the data (P<0.05).
Results: The results showed an increment in levels of TG and HDL, an a decrement in cholesterol level, LDL and body fat percentage of consuming L-carnitine supplementation and HIIT workout, however; these changes did not show significant differences with control group.
Conclusion: The overall results suggest that administeraiton of L-carnitine supplementation with HIIT in overweight men has no significant effects on the lipid profile in overweight men. This could probably be due to the difference or decrement in intensity, duration of the exercise, the amount and duration of L-carnitine supplementation compared to the similar studies in other cases.


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