The Effect Illustrating the Children’s Hospital Ceiling on Improving Their Mental Situation

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Art, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran.


Background and Objectives: Among different age groups, children are more vulnerable and very likely to be subjected to irreparable damaged due to exposing to painful and stressful hospital environment. Since the children are lying for long periods in beds they have high visual contact with the ceiling, and thus on their underside environment. The aim of this study was to describe the importance of using artistic illustrations on hospital ceilings for benefits of children admitted in hospitals in Tehran
Subjects and Methods: According to its object and purpose, this study is of documentary and applied researches method, and uses analytical-Descriptive methodology, which is collected and analyzed using library resources, field observations and interviews, as follows:
1. Data collection 2. Data categorization 3. Data Interpretation. 4. Data analysis. 5. Conclusion
Result: The children hospitalization ward’s space details are very important and with no aesthetics fore sights the hospital may convert into a stressful place for children. Therefore, relying on imagination as a common psychological characteristic among children, images can be designed for this places having some obvious features such as: simplicity, childish and inspired by nature.
Conclusion: Ceiling illustration of children's hospital, considering some specific criteria such as: mood difference of sick child with others, finding their needs and common personality characteristics and etc. can reduce anxiety and thus would improve their mental state.


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