The Conventional and Molecular Drug Susceptibility Methods for Isolated Mycobacterium Tuberculosis

Document Type : Letter to Editor


Department of Medical Microbiology, Isfahan Medical School, Isfahan, Iran


Tuberculosis is one of the most important causes of humans mortality in the worldwide; The emergence of drug-resistant Mycobacterium Tuberculosis strains and increasing of HIV patients make difficult control of tuberculosis. Drug susceptibility test have important role in identification patients with drug resistance TB; Synchronous application of  phenotypic and molecular methods together are a best strategies for identification and prevention spread of drug resistance Mycobacterium Tuberculosis strains between peoples.
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Masoud Keikha. The Conventional and Molecular Drug Susceptibility Methods for Isolated Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. Jundishapur Sci Med J 2017;16(1):1-4


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