Investigating the Risk Factors of Congenital Heart Diseases in Newborns Admitted to Amir al-Momenin Hospital in Semnan from 2020-2021

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1 Assistant Professor of Pediatric Endocrinology & Metabolism.Department of Pediatrics, School of Medicine Semnan University of Medical Sciences.

2 Assistant Professor of Cardiology Department of Pediatrics, School of Medicine Semnan University of Medical Sciences

3 Assistant Professor of Pediatric Infectious DiseaseDepartment of Pediatrics, School of MedicineSemnan University of Medical Sciences.

4 Assistant Professor of Epidemiology, Department of Public Health, Behbahan Faculty of Medical Sciences, Behbahan, Iran.

5 Medical student of Semnan University of Medical Sciences.



Introduction: Congenital heart defects refer to conditions that affect the structure and function of a newborn’s heart. The aim of this study was to investigate the prevalence and risk factors of congenital heart diseases in hospitalized infants in the neonatal intensive care unit of Amiralmomenin Hospital in Semnan.
Methods: In this study, 300 medical records of hospitalized infants who underwent echocardiography in the neonatal intensive care unit of Amiralmomenin Hospital in Semnan during 2020-2021 were reviewed. The overall prevalence of congenital heart diseases and their types (ASD/VSD/PDA/TOF) were determined, and the association of study variables (infant gender, gestational age, maternal age, infant weight, parental family history, medication use during pregnancy, and history of heart disease and gestational diabetes) with congenital heart disease was evaluated.
Results: The results showed that out of the total 300 hospitalized infants who underwent echocardiography, 132 infants (44%) were diagnosed with congenital heart disease. PDA and VSD were the most common types of congenital heart diseases with a prevalence of 8.56% and 5.23%, respectively.

Conclusion: According to the results, there was a significant association between congenital heart disease and diabetes, hypertension, as well as medication use during pregnancy and family history of heart disease , infant gender, gestational age, and weight did not show a significant association. However, there was a significant association between the type of congenital heart disease and gestational age and infant weight, with an increase in gestational age and infant weight leading to a decrease in the prevalence of congenital heart disease


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