The effect of 8 week aerobic training on some indices of cardio respiratory and exercise tolerance in overweight women’s with chronic asthma

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Sport Physiology , Faculty of Sport Sciences, Shahid Chamran University of Ahwaz , Ahwaz, Iran



Introduction: Asthma, obesity or overweight is one of the factors change of heart - respiratory airways that are affected..
Materials and Methods: This quasi-experimental research in 2015 to an applied using two experimental groups (n = 13) and control (n = 13) Weber Group Selected by screening medical records and clinical examination and determined. People for two months as planned submaximal aerobic activity (45 to 80 percent of maximum heart rate) paid to exercise. Indicators measured in terms of the base, were measured using standard methods. Data evaluation and analysis of covariance compared with pre-test and post-test, paired t-test at the significant level (P≤ 0/05) was performed.
Results: The results showed that eight weeks of training significantly decreased resting heart rate, systolic blood pressure, and minute ventilation was significantly increased maximal oxygen consumption and endurance activities (P≤ 0/05). But the change indicators in the control group was not significant (P≤ 0/05).
Conclusion and Discussion: The results showed that the aerobic activity strengthens the respiratory muscles and other physiological factors can cause breathing and heart recovery. Aerobic activity also resulted in favorable changes in cardiovascular parameters and tolerance of women with chronic asthma is overweight.