The effect of vitamin E supplementation and omega-3 fatty acids on oxidative stress along with a high intensity interval training in Active Boys

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Background and objectives: Despite the positive effects of HIIT training but it causes oxidative stress due to high intensity. Therefore, The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of vitamin E supplementation and omega-3 fatty acids on oxidative stress along with a high intensity interval training (HIIT) in physical education male students of Shahid Chamran University. This was a quasi-experimental and applied research. Subjects and Methods: For this purpose, from among the male students of physical education, 30 person with the age range of 22/18±1/67 years were placed in the three groups (control, vitamin E and omega-3) and took the supplement for two weeks. To analyse and measure MDA and catalase enzyme, blood samples were taken from subjects, before taking supplements, after the supplementation period, and immediately after completion of the maximum intensity interval test. Statistical analysis of covariance was performed by repeated measures for within-group changes and covariance analysis was used to examine inter-group changes. Results: The results showed that supplementation with vitamin E and omega-3 caused a non-significant reduction in the amount of MDA and non-significant increase in the amount of catalase enzyme (P≥ 0/05). Conclusion: As a result, the consumption of these supplements are not effective in cope with oxidative stress.


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