Using Video-Clip Stimuli in Response Elaboration Training on improving the content of utterance in an Individual with Non-fluent Aphasia: A case report

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1 speech therapy, isfahan university of medical sciences, isfahan, iran

2 student of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences

3 speech therapy department- faculty of rehabilitation- Isfahan University of Medical Sciences


Using Video-Clip Stimuli in Response Elaboration Training on improving the content of utterance in an Individual with Non-fluent Aphasia: A case report

Background and Objective: Non-fluent Aphasia is one of the worst types of Aphasia that needs treatment. In the other studies, action picture cards have been used as stimuli by the RET method. In this study, video clips was used as a verbal stimulus in RET to increase speech content.
Case presentation: The patient was a 45-year-old with a complaint of inability to speak after brain tumor surgery. Cognitive test results were normal in this patient. But the results of Persian Farsi battery showed severe Broca's aphasia. There was no such dysarthria and apraxia in this patient.
Discussion: The patient was scheduled for one hour and three days a week.After 4 sessions, the content of the patient's words was more than twice the content of his words in the evaluation sessions.

Key words: Aphasia, Content of utterances, video clips, treatment, non-fluent


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