Evaluation of Her-2 expression in colorectal carcinoma in patients undergoing colectomy in Imam Khomeini Hospital of Ahvaz

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Objective: The aim of this study was to evaluate the expression of Her2 protein in patients with colorectal carcinoma in order to better understand the pathophysiology and behavior of inflammatory factors in this disease.
Materials and Methods: In this cross-sectional descriptive study, tissue paraffin blocks of patients referring to Imam Khomeini teaching hospitals with pathological diagnosis of colorectal cancer were evaluated. Clinical and demographic data of patients were extracted from hospital records. Anti Her-2 monoclonal antibody was used for immunohistochemical staining.
Results: In this study, 31 patients with colorectal cancer (mean age 65.1 (range 33 to 89)) were evaluated. Most tumors had grade G2 (54.8%). Tumor stage pt3 was also seen in more than half of cases. Lymph node involvement was observed in 29% of cases. The mean staining area was 34.6% (range 2 to 78%). Her2 staining area in was 30.65% (range 2 to 85%). More than a quarter of patients were negative and only 6.5% had a strong positive reaction. Immunohistochemical expression of Her2 marker was not significantly correlated with other pathological characteristics of colorectal tumor including disease grade, stage of disease and metastasis to lymph nodes.
Conclusion :
Overall, the findings of this study indicate that more than 70% of colorectal patients show Her2 expression. However, our findings showed no association between Her2 marker and other tumor pathologic variables.


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