The Study of the Effect of the Aerobic Training Together with Stem Cells on the Ievels of Some of the Apoptosis Indices of the Heart Tissue of the Male Wistar Rats of Osteoarthritis Model

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1 department exercise physiology, School of Sport Sciences, Razi University, Kermanshah, Iran

2 Department of physical education and sport science, Kermanshah branch, Islamic Azad University, Kermanshah, Iran.

3 phd


Background and objective: Osteoarthritis is a common disease and painful arthritis with unknown etiology. In this study, the effects of mesenchymal stem cells and aerobic training on apoptosis biomarkers (BAX and BCL2) in the heart tissue of osteoarthritic rats was investigated.

Materials and methods: In this experimental study, 42 male Wistar rats (age range 6-8 weeks and body weight of 250-300 g) were divided into two groups: osteoarthritic group (n=35) and healthy control group (n=7). osteoarthritis was induced in rats by surgery. then osteoarthritic rats were divided into five subgroups of seven including control, saline, stem cell , aerobic training, and aerobic training+stem cell groups. aerobic training program was conducted for 8 weeks and 5 days a week. apoptosis biomarkers, including BAX and BCL2 proteins in the heart tissue of rats, were measured using ELISA kits. One-way ANOVA used to analyze the data.
Results: BAX concentration was significantly more in saline and unhealthy control groups compared to other groups and BCL2 concentration was significantly less in saline and unhealthy control groups compared to other groups (p<0.001). aerobic training and stem cell, whether used separately or together, caused a significant increase in BCL2 concentration and a significant decrease in BAX concentration (p<0.001).

Conclusion: Osteoarthritis caused an increase in heart cell apoptosis. Although stem sells have anti-apoptosis effects, they will be more effective in treatment if they are used with aerobic training.


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